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A Sad Day As A True Pioneer Passes


Jim Humble, a remarkable inventor, author and humanitarian, passed on peacefully on Sept 1, 2023 at the age of 90.

In 1996, his mining career took an unexpected turn toward the world of health when a team of men working on his expedition came down with malaria.

All he had with him at the time were some water treatment drops that he offered to the sick men. To everyone’s surprise, they quickly improved after taking a few drops and were all gathered about the campfire laughing at what had just happened.

This experience inspired Jim to research how one of the world’s greatest plagues could so easily be stopped.

He discovered that the water treatment drops he used in the jungle was Sodium Chlorite and that when taken internally in very small amounts, would convert to just enough Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) to kill malaria parasites. During the months that followed, in his travels through the jungle, he helped many others recover from malaria and other illnesses. When Jim himself came down with a bad case of malaria, he went into the city to be tested, wanting to document the fact that he indeed did have malaria. Sure enough he tested positive for malaria, he then promptly took his own drops. In a few short hours, after feeling much better, he took a second test which read malaria negative. Jim walked out of the clinic, stood on the sidewalk, and said to himself, “I’ve got to take this to the world.” And so, his greatest journey began.

He nicknamed his discovery MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and wrote numerous books on the subject that have been translated into many languages.

Jim Humble’s legacy is that he had the will and the determination to freely give his discovery to the world, and as a result of this determination, millions of lives have been changed for the better. Through his efforts many health uses of Chlorine Dioxide, or CDS, have been brought to light worldwide, including a myriad of parasites, helping to cleanse the blood, adding more Oxygen to the cells of our bodies, in fact there are so many positive effects attributed to this substance there is no room to add them here.

Watch this short video of what CDS does to our blood cells after a small amount is ingested...

The world is surely a better place thanks to this man of heart and persistence. Humble by name and Humble by nature.

You will be missed Jim, but your legacy will live on in the memories of millions of thankful, healthy people and into the future as your discovery helps many more.

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