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Pine Pollen has been used throughout the ages as a powerful health tonic because it contains high amounts of essential Vitamins and Minerals plus all of the 20 Amino acids and 18 living enzymes. It helps balance hormones in both men and women, boosts the immune system, cellular detoxification, rejuvinate skin and maintains brain health. It is also fantastic for men's libido and regulating estrogen in women, making it the perfect tincture for both genders. It has also been shown to play a huge role in slowing the aging process. 


Ingredients: organic, wild harvested Pine Pollen Powder (raw, uncracked and unheated), infused in 30% Ethanol.


Directions: 10 to 15 drops under tongue or in small amount of warm water, taken in morning and evening before food.


Please Note: This is not given as medical advice nor should it be taken as such, this is for educational purposes only. Always do your own research and seek professional medical advice if you are in any doubt.


Pine Pollen Tincture - 30ml

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