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In my past I have been a Jewellery Goldsmith, making hand made and customised jewellery in 18 Karat gold in a variety of colours, yellow gold, rose gold, blue gold, white gold, and my own blend making a subtle but stunning violet gold. 


I also made Water Features under the name of Standing Wave that were customised to suit the environment they would eventually occupy, either indoors or outdoors. I then started making Dynamic Wind Sculptures which gently turned in the breeze under the name of Leaf On The Breeze. The leaves I made in beaten copper with a brass and stainless steel super-structure.

Twenty years ago I wrote a book entitled The Secret Master Keys, which I recorded as an Audio Book, which I took a step further and recorded as a Subliminally Enhanced Audio Book which would be played during the night while you slept, which gently re-programmed the mind to consciously attract and manifest health, money, love, joy and the life we truly desire.

I have been studying and researching health related topics and modalities for 45 years to the present day, so my foray into the healing arts was an easy transition, inspired by this latest plague like dis-ease named Co-Vid. 


The tinctures and herbal extracts I now make are in response of the many illnesses that are occurring, which I feel are only just starting. The Pine Needle Tinctures have a compound known for its anti-clotting and anti-thrombotic actions, which have to date helped people Australia wide in this post pandemic madness...

Tincture Of Life and Life-Enhancing Botanicals were born.

Thank you for visiting my site, please take your time, and come back regularly as there are many new products I will contunually introduce here.

May abundant health be yours.

Steve Lockie

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